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Dynamic Compaction

The dynamic compaction process is used to increase soil bearing capacity and limit settlement potential for planned construction projects. The process can provide landowners and developers a viable option to remediate sites where soils with poor bearing capacity or areas of unconsolidated fills and encountered.

GEI’s track mounted crane is utilized to drop steel weights/tampers of various sizes from heights ranging from 20 to 80 feet. Multiple passes of high energy impacts at designed intervals are generally used achieve the desired degree of compaction. Densification occurs from the orientation of loose soil, sand and rock fragments along with the collapse of any void spaces that spaces that may exist in the material being compacted.

Since most soil types are compatible with this process, dynamic compaction can result in dramatic cost savings over other deep foundation options or over excavating and re-compaction. The process has a proven track record and is environmentally friendly. Most sites can be completed in one-to-two weeks resulting in accelerated construction schedules.

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