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Civil/Site Engineering

GEI has vast experience in a range of civil engineering projects from Land Development to Wastewater Collection and Treatment. GEI has the knowledge to meet all your engineering needs. The following is an example of the services that we provide:

  • Commercial, Industrial and Retail Site Development and Design
  • Single and Multifamily Residential Developments Site Feasibility Studies
  • Site Master Plans
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Public Waterline Design
  • Stormwater Management Analysis and Planning
  • State NPDES Permitting
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans and Permitting
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Site Inspections
  • Highway Design
  • Highway Occupancy Design Permitting
  • Utility Layout and Design
  • Component 1,2 and 3 Sewage Planning Modules
  • On-lot Sewage Enforcement, Testing and System Design
  • Recreational Park Master Plans
  • Concept and Illustrative Plans
  • Construction Cost Estimates and Project Bidding
  • Earthwork Volumetric Calculations
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Traffic Studies

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